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2013.2 Started using single lens reflex camera at Disneyland
2014.7 Performed photo shoot overseas for the first time
2016.12 Started my brand as Ninja Photographer
2017.2 Joined Horiemon festival in Roppongi as Ninja Photographer
2017.3 Becomes full time photographer
2017.3 Joined Japanese sake festival in Nakameguro
2017.4 Joined Japanese sake festival in HongKong
2017.10 Joined Hiroshima sake festival
2017.11 picked up Ninjaphotograher activities
2017.11 Featured on Nagoya ZIP FM radio
2017.12 Started working in Taiwan
2018.02 Started working in Paris


2017.6 Started video shooting and editing
2017.11 Started video making for tourists in Japan
2017.12 Started working in Taiwan
2017.12 Started video making for Taiwanese
2018.02 Started working in Paris